Чек-лист невесты!

Ты уже слышала о “тревожном чемоданчике невесты”? Положи туда все, то тебе может пригодится. Ну а чтобы ничего не забыть, мы подготовили для тебя небольшой ЧЕК-ЛИСТ MARIAGE.

Поверь, он тебе пригодится.

Забей в записную книжку номера всех подрядчиков, чтобы ты могла в случае его быстро найти нужный номер.

Косметичка невесты, в которой обязательно должны быть блеск для губ, пудра, тушь, зеркало.

Влажные салфетки. На прогулке очень легко случайно испачкать свадебное платье еще до церемонии – влажные салфетки помогут деликатно и эффективно его очистить.

Наличные деньги.

Бутылка с водой.

Запасные чулки.

Запасная рубашка для жениха.

Шпильки и лак для волос – любой прическе нужна поддержка в течение дня.

Ролик для одежды. Легкий пух / шерсть и темная одежда так и тянутся друг к другу!

Вторая пара обуви, в которой тебе будет удобно провести вечер и зажигать на танцполе! Кстати, жениху запасная обувь тоже пригодится.

Мини-аптечка, в которой обязательно будут лейкопластырь, обезболивающее, жаропонижающее и антигистаминное средства.

Двусторонний скотч на все случаи жизни: исправить ошибки в декоре, закрепить легкие детали, даже «поддержать» платье!

Нитка с иголкой – пуговицы имеют свойство отрываться в самый неподходящий момент.

Легкий перекус: батончики мюсли, яблоко, питьевой йогурт, орехи – ведь в этой свадебной суматохе у тебя совсем не будет времени пообедать.

Зарядное устройство для телефона / внешний аккумулятор. Поверь, гости будут тебе очень благодарны!

Шпаргалка для клятвы на церемонии.

Блокнот и ручка.

Увлажняющий крем для рук.

Термальная вода.

Мятные конфеты — must-have каждой невесты.

Зонты / дождевики на случай, если во время фотосессии пойдет дождь.

Прозрачный лак для ногтей (спасет не только маникюр, но и чулки твоей подружки) и маникюрные ножницы.

Твои любимые духи.

Матирующие салфетки.

Капли для глаз (чтобы снять красноту и усталость).


Накидка, шаль или кардиган на случай вечернего похолодания.

Мелкий реквизит для фотосессии, если он нужен.

Улыбка и прекрасное настроение!

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      1. Finally, cotrimoxazole is not recommended for Borrelia infections because it is not very effective and should only be used for documented infections and in the absence of other alternatives given the potentially serious side effects see Vidal cialis tablets for sale PCOS is a disorder of the endocrine system which causes an imbalance of hormones secreted in a woman s ovary needed to fully mature her follicles into eggs

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      1. These results demonstrate that, even though by different mechanisms, AFB 1 and FB 1 may induce cytotoxicity through an impairment of the oxidative status of PBMC cialis online purchase When vessels can be correctly identified and studied, a positive finding is rarely disproved by angiography

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        1. buying cialis online However, because it is an invasive method that requires general anesthesia and has a higher cost and potential complications, this technique should be used in cases of anovulatory women with CC- resistant PCOS who require laparoscopy for another reason pelvic pain, adnexal mass, etc

      1. A new multinational study shows that the most popular first line treatment for hypertension is less effective and has more side effects than an alternative that s prescribed much less often propecia wiki I look at myself, I could have just neglected the lump and I would have probably been dead in a year because it was so aggressive

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      3. 110 Treatment with 1, 500 mg curcumin per day for 12 weeks was also shown to upregulate expression of a PPAR- Оі activator molecule and improve markers of oxidative stress more than placebo in a controlled trial in 72 women with PCOS whats in viagra Osteopontin is produced by mast cells and affects IgE mediated degranulation and migration of mast cells

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      1. Opioids in chronic non cancer pain systematic review of efficacy and safety cialis vs viagra This distinction is an important one If the reduction in incidence was due exclusively to treatment of subclinical disease, then tamoxifen only benefited BCPT participants who had occult tumors i

      2. Twenty seven studies, including 17 studies examining iron intake 39, 42, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and 11 studies examining body iron status 41, 61, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 in relation to breast cancer risk, met the inclusion criteria of our systematic review cialis professional

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      1. Results Sixty patients were recruited and randomized within 12 hrs of hospital admission for ADHF between August 2019 and May 2021 buy priligy pills Available data on men with sexual dysfunction show that reduced sexual desire is the most important correlate of male hypogonadism

        1. Regular updates will be mandatory and so is the prospective reporting of unexpected clinical observations buy propecia Loop diuretics inhibit prostaglandin dehydrogenase, as a result of which there is a decreased breakdown of prostaglandin E 2 which is a renal vasodilator

      1. I am not in your age group, nor, am I taking tamoxifen, but, I wanted to wish you good luck with your tamoxifen levitra beneficios If you do not become pregnant during the first fresh IVF cycle and or any subsequent frozen embryo transfer cycles FET s, your second fresh IVF cycle and all subsequent fresh IVF cycles is free from all ARI physician fees

      1. 134, 135 In this Dutch trial, 59 patients were randomly assigned to either 5 FU, doxorubicin, and methotrexate FAMTX followed by surgery N 29 or surgery alone cialis 5mg best price Additional research evaluating the use of DSR as a method to prevent and treat hypervolemia in heart failure is warranted

      1. It is repeated usually in millions per mm 3 or ml; in stud farm practice the information in millions per ml is customary buy finpecia online Most studies, however, did not show marked changes in lipid parameters induced by letrozole or anastrozole, 104 and exemestane showed no effect on levels of total cholesterol or its fractions, nor on lipoprotein levels

      2. Prior presentation publications Data from this work have been partially reported by Paoletti and colleagues in the form of a poster at SABCS 2015 meeting P2 02 19, by Paoletti and colleagues in the form of a poster at AACR 2016 meeting P3151, at 10th International Symposium on Minimal Residual Cancer Conference P74, and Cani and colleagues poster at the 2017 USCAP meeting 14330 when does viagra peak

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      1. The politics of physician attitudes that don t support healing, medical research, and media information on breast cancer are disheartening, because they re largely controlled by large drug companies with one agenda Sell more drugs cialis and viagra sales Discussion This is the largest cohort of lithium toxic patients to date

      1. In some selected patients eg, patients with medially or centrally located tumors or with high risk features, and using a patient centered approach, it is reasonable to offer the option of LRNI to include at least the supraclavicular and ipsilateral internal mammary lymph nodes in addition to the breast and or chest wall see the Qualifying Statement finasteride sample

      1. Estrogen levels drop during the transition to menopause buy cialis daily online Although in other fields, a change of understanding is usually viewed as progress, in the case of cell therapy, this change has been used as an argument to undermine the scientific validity and therapeutic promise of this approach

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      1. aureus healthcare acquired MRSA; HA MRSA isolates have been a source of serious infections in hospitals since the 1960s and in the period 1975 to 1991, the National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance data showed that within all hospitals, there was an increase from 2 to 29 in the proportion of methicillin resistance among S aureus, and an increase to 38 in those hospitals with more than 500 beds 164 cialis 20 mg The FDA approved 59 new drugs in 2018 a new agency record targeting infectious diseases; neurological disorders; heart, lung, and circulatory diseases; women s health issues; cancer and blood disorders; and many other conditions

      1. No validated scoring system exists for predicting the risk of less severe AKI cialis online generic Reproducible and efficient Cre lox experimentation is hindered by the gradual loss of CreERT2 induction potency upon prolonged storage of dissolved trans 4 OHT, which potentially results from gradual trans to cis isomerization or degradation

      1. If Fluid Remedy Fails To Maintain Up The Blood Stress Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Was Performed In A Number Of The Circumstances Of Dnp Overdose And In A Single Case For As A Lot As An Hour, However Has Never Led To A Return Of Spontaneous Circulation Halothane Must Be Avoided As Potential Synergistic Hyperthermia May Cause Deterioration And Dying In Animal Studies, Dnp Has Been Proven To Be Teratogenic, Mutagenic And Carcinogenic Developmental And Reproductive Toxicity Has Also Been Reported Mudge Showed That Potassium Accumulates In Rabbit Kidney Slices As The Focus Of Dinitrophenol Is Increased cialis without prescription

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        1. When no such tissue is present except for spongy soft fat tissue, the gynecomastia pinch test can determine whether the diagnosis is pseudogynecomastia viagra buy online Surveys will continue for the long track tornado as well as other tracks for the next several days, the National Weather Service office in Paducah said

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      1. Г‚ According to theГ‚ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, infants who breastfeed have 20 lower chance of infant mortality in the first year of their lives is viagra bad Your provider will perform blood tests to check the function of your thyroid and treat this side effect if it develops

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        1. Exposures Aromatase inhibitor compared with tamoxifen use; the US cohort additionally included a comparison with an unexposed group of women with oestrogen or progesterone receptor positive breast cancer but no endocrine therapy use cialis otc MJ Byrne, V Gebski, J Forbes, MH Tattersall, RJ Simes, AS Coates, J Dewar, M Lunn, C Flower, PG Gill, J Stewart

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